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Monitoring radon levels in real-time

“Radon doesn’t get as much attention as other indoor air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and asbestos, but it’s every bit as dangerous. The naturally occurring colorless, odorless gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking, according to the EPA. Because it’s a byproduct of naturally occurring breakdown of uranium in soil, rocks, and water, it’s found all over the U.S., indoors and out. But people get their biggest exposure where they spend the most time: at home.

You can check radon levels in your home using charcoal-based kits, but these usually require you to test your levels for up to 90 days—radon is a cumulative threat, so levels need to be monitored over a span of time for accuracy—and then you must ship the kit to a lab for analysis. Airthings, a Norway-based tech company, developed the Wave ($200), a Wi-Fi enabled, battery-powered indoor air quality monitor as a more expedient testing solution.”

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