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Several New Jersey schools forced to delay openings due to mold

“Health concerns over mold found recently in several local schools have prompted Hopatcong to postpone the start of classes to this Friday, and are complicating the first day of classes today in at least two other local districts — Blairstown and Hope — that also were forced to delay the opening of school.

In Hopatcong, which will have effectively used seven “snow” days by the time students return to school at the end of this week, the ongoing delay — which was announced in the form of an update by Acting Superintendent Joanne Mullane on Thursday — is also causing secondary complications to the school calendar.”

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It was a reported that a total of 5 school buildings were affected by the mold issue. Some of them were able to open as scheduled, however, the remediation process is still going on for others. School officials are frustrated with how long the process is taking, but when it comes to safety these things shouldn’t be rushed.

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