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Make sure you’re checking your smoke detectors on a regular basis

“A cigarette that was left unattended is believed to have started a fire at a home in Grayson over the weekend, according to a Gwinnett County fire official.

Gwinnett Firefighter Driver Engineer Justin Wilson said crews were called to the home on the 1800 block of Bennett Road at 4:02 a.m. on Sunday. Firefighters arrived three minutes later to find the single-story building engulfed in flames which had broken through the roof, the fire department spokesman said.

‘The occupant stated he had been smoking in a bedroom and left a cigarette unattended while he went to the kitchen,’ Wilson said in a statement. ‘The occupant started to smell smoke and discovered a fire in the bedroom. It was reported that a smoke detector was possibly in the hallway of the home but did not activate.'”

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Smoke detectors, often taken for granted and left unchecked, they play a vital role in preventing fires from becoming out of control. Setting regular reminders on your phone is a good way to get in the habit of checking their batteries. What takes a few minutes can end up saving your valuables and even your life.

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