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Why you should hire professionals for mold remediation

“There are several reasons why it isn’t recommended for homeowners to try and clean mold themselves. Two of the top reasons are safety and the potential for cross-contamination. Homeowners do not typically have the proper safety equipment or know the proper containment measures to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout the home to areas that were not contaminated to begin with. In addition, mold remediation professionals can clean hard-to-access areas, such as crawlspaces under your home, behind walls, in the attic or in ductwork, where mold spores can get into your HVAC system and can get recirculated throughout your home. If your ductwork is not cleaned it can continue to make you sick even if the area with mold has already been cleaned.”

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You might think you’re saving some money by trying to clean mold yourself. However, if proper precautions aren’t taken, you can end up doing more damage by spreading it around. Just because an area looks clean, doesn’t necessarily make that true.

At Bauer Restoration, our goal is to make you feel at ease with our exceptional service. Our mold remediation is a thorough process that will leave you with a clean home and a peace of mind. Call us at 507-333-9838 or visit our mold remediation page for more information.