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This one small thing can help limit fire damage

Firefighters remained on scene for about three hours removing smoke and covering furnishing and other items to reduce water damage, Shipley said.

‘The homeowner did an excellent job of helping to contain the fire,’ he said. ‘Upon discovering the fire, the homeowner exited the home, closed the door and contacted 911.’

By closing the door before leaving the house, Davis deprived the fire of oxygen.

‘If she had left the door open, it probably would have been fully involved when we got there,’ Shipley said. ‘This greatly reduced property loss.'”

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Closing a door during a fire, it’s probably the last thing on a homeowner’s mind. However, this small action can buy significant time for firefighters to salvage your belongings and home. If the fire becomes too large to overcome with a fire extinguisher, the quick decision to contain the fire and contact authorities is perhaps the best thing that can be done.

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