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Useful tips to reduce mold growth in your home

“Tips for reducing mold growth:

• Keep roofs, gutters and downspouts in good condition and make sure rain water doesn’t pool up against the building structure.

• Use bathroom fans or open a window when bathing and for 30-45 minutes afterward. Use kitchen fan when cooking.

• Open windows briefly every day to let built-up moisture out of the home. Do this even when it’s cold out and even if it seems like there’s more moisture outside.”

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Mold is easily one of those hidden dangers that you might not discover until the damage is already done. Excessive exposure can lead to respiratory illnesses and other complications. People who aren’t in the prime of their health are especially vulnerable to these complications. It’s important to do routine inspections throughout your home, particularly in dark and damp places.

If you’ve discovered mold growth in your home, contact Bauer Restoration for assistance. Our mold remediation service will identify the type of mold for safe and proper removal. Call us at 507-333-9838 to set up an appointment.