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Local resident describes house fire as ‘scene from hell’

“Firefighters battled a huge fire that spread swiftly, damaging five homes Friday evening. Now, two teens are in custody accused of causing it.

The home where the blaze started was vacant and was destroyed, according to the fire department. The homes across the street only suffered cosmetic damage, Bentley said. No one was hurt during the fire, but this did leave a few people displaced.

‘I just saw the most intense puff of smoke I ever saw in my life,” Kasseem Stevens said. “It was like a football field of smoke almost. It was incredible.’

‘It looked like hell,’ he said. ‘It looked like a scene from hell.’

He said he could feel the heat from the fire as he walked down the street.”

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The damage and devastation a house fire can cause leaves not only a physical toll but an emotional one too. What takes seconds to destroy can take an exceedingly long time to clean up. The most important thing to remember is the safety of your and your loved ones. Furniture and items can be replaced, people can not.

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