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Notre Dame Organ Suffers Water Damage

“Olivier Latry, one of the chief organists at Notre Dame Cathedral told NPR that the famous organ will have to undergo “extensive renovation” due to water damage from the April 15 fire that damaged the church. Latry, whos organ album “Bach to The Future” is the last music recorded on the instrument, says the organ’s windchest is damaged. “It’s the box where it provides air on the pipes,” he told NPR.”

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By now you’ve surely heard of the massive fire that nearly destroyed Notre-Dame Cathedral and rattled Paris, France. Fortunately, the fire was eventually contained but it will take great effort to fully restore the Cathedral and its artifacts. With fire damage, it’s not uncommon to have water damage as well since that is the necessary ingredient to subdue hot flames. It seems like this famed organ wasn’t immune to such damage even though it wasn’t touched by the fire.

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