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Mold causing serious health problems for students and faculty at a Maryland university

“It’s the day before Jen Shaffer has to come into work at the University of Maryland’s Woods Hall, and she’s already anticipating the headache she’ll have around 3 p.m.

Within a few minutes of walking into the building, she knows she’ll start to feel her sinuses clog up. Along with a long drive to campus, this is why Shaffer works from home as much as she possibly can — it’s hard to be productive when your head feels like it’s going to explode, she said.

The anthropology professor has a pretty good idea of what is causing her symptoms: Mold. Mold that shows up on ceiling tiles, walls and bookshelves. Mold that collects on the spines of her books, and made her throw her office couch away.

“We want to be able to come into work and do our jobs, and it’s just super frustrating when our work is making us sick,” Shaffer said. “The building itself is making us sick.””

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Reading this article, apparently, the mold problem isn’t all that recent. Due to the old age of the buildings at the university, certain materials and construction techniques aren’t so tolerant of moisture. It’s one thing when dealing with mold in your home on a residential level. However, to subject students, staff, and visitors to such health risks makes you wonder how serious the school administration is in finding a solution.

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