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Space heater causes over $100,000 in damages at Mankato home

“A fire caused by a space heater caused over $100,000 in damages to a Mankato home Monday.

According to KEYC, the fire at 505 North Second Street was determined to be caused by a space heater close to combustibles.

The damage due to the fire was estimated at $115,000.

There were no injuries.

Officials say the incident is a reminder that space heaters are for use as supplemental heating and a three-foot or more clearance from combustibles helps prevent fire. Also, it’s important to turn space heaters off before leaving your home.”

The full story can be read here.

It’s that time of year where the bitter cold is starting to creep into homes. Space heaters offer a great source to provide additional heating, however, if not properly managed, may cause some devastating damage. It’s important that they are not left running unattended to ensure no accidents occur. Such incidents might also cause problems for submitting claims to insurance agencies since fault most likely would be attributed to the homeowner.

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