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Class action lawsuit filed against hospital for mold-related deaths

“Seattle Children’s Hospital was hit with two lawsuits Monday over Aspergillus mold that has sickened and killed children on and off for 18 years.

One lawsuit alleges that hospital managers have known since at least 2005 that a potentially deadly mold could be related to the facility’s air-handling system, but failed to remedy the problem. The lawsuit is seeking class action status and was filed in King County Superior Court.

Since 2005, the hospital has “engaged in a cover-up designed to reassure its patients, doctors, nurses and public that its premises were safe, when in fact they were not,” the lawsuit states.

“This action is really targeted against management, building and engineering department at Seattle Children’s, it’s about a systemic cover up that lasted now for almost 19 years,” said Karen Koehler who is one of three attorneys involved in the case.”

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Wow. Of all the places you’d expect to feel safe and secure, a hospital is potentially responsible for mold-related deaths. The fact that this is a children’s hospital is even more heart-wrenching. There’s no excuse for not having remediation performed at the first discovery of mold. The long-term effects are very well known but when you have an area where people are already sick from an illness, that’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.

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