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Cigarette blamed for causing massive $48 million in fire damage

“A carelessly discarded cigarette started the fire that caused $48 million in damage Saturday in the Groveton area, according to Fairfax County fire officials.

Saturday’s fire occurred at the South Alex development, an under-construction mixed-use development.

The fire engulfed five buildings and 14 townhouses that were under construction. The fire damaged and additional 14 townhouses, four single-family homes, five apartment buildings, a commercial building and 28 vehicles, Fairfax County fire officials reported. The ZIPS dry cleaner next door to the development closed while smoke and water damage are repaired.

Two firefighters were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries and have been released. One civilian suffered minor injuries, as well.”

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Since many of the buildings were under construction a sprinkler system hadn’t been installed yet. Windy conditions also played a factor in trying to control the fire. This incident is a further reminder that any potential fire hazard, no matter how small, can have severe consequences.

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