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Keeping your home clean and free of COVID-19

“As the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to rise, people are spending much more time at home, so cleanliness is critical. While typical household chores can maintain the general cleanliness of the house, it’s more important than ever before for people to keep their homes and personal spaces germ-free.

Shared Areas
Living and family rooms are also hosting a variety of different germs. Remote controls, computer keyboards, phones, and tablets that are used by multiple family members and guests are exceptionally dirty. In inspecting and testing 22 households, the National Sanitation Foundation found yeast, mold, bacteria, and viruses on the computer keyboard, remote control, and video game controller. Carpets in homes can also house pathogens — sometimes getting dirtier than a city street! Frequent maintenance and cleaning with disinfectants will give your family a better chance of staying well and infection-free.”

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While you’re busy cleaning your home you may uncover some other serious issues such as mold growth. While the effects of mold are more long-term and not viral in nature, it should still be dealt with immediately. In order to properly eradicate any mold, the affected areas must be contained and properly sanitized. This will prevent contamination of other areas in your home.

The team at Bauer Restoration understands that this is a difficult time in our country and across the world. Our mold remediation service is extremely thorough and your health and safety is paramount. If you find mold or bacteria in your home please call us at 507-333-9838 or visit our mold remediation page for more information.