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Woman marries a rug named Mat

“In December 2019, Bekki Cocks held an hour-long marriage ceremony with her inanimate beau at the Independent Fitters carpet store in Manchester. Family and friends attended the service, which was sponsored by carpet cleaning brand Dr. Beckmann.

“So, a few months ago when one of my friends said I should marry him, I said ‘I will then’,” Cocks told the Sun at the time. “It started as a bit of fun, but I soon started looking into a service and, eventually, it became something I was determined to go through with.”

During the ceremony, the bride wore a traditional white wedding dress, while Mat — a navy-blue-and-cream rug — was rolled and propped up vertically during the event.

“The love these two have for one another is rare and unique, and they clearly have been swept off their feet since they first met,” a wedding officiator says in a recorded video.”

Read this bizarre story here.

Yes, there is actually a video of the ceremony. It’s hard to say how real this event was, but if you search for it you’ll come across multiple articles. One has to wonder, did the rug have any say in the marriage? If you ask us, it looks a little nervous in the video. As crazy as the wedding was, we’re sure the honeymoon must’ve been equally as nuts.

Regardless of this woman’s intentions, it’s nice to have some fun with stories like these during such tense times. While we can’t officiate your rug wedding, we can expertly and professionally clean your carpet. Call us at 507-333-9838 or visit our carpet cleaning page for more information.