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Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

“A standard homeowners insurance policy provides coverage to repair or replace your home and its contents in the event of damage from fire, smoke, theft or vandalism, a falling tree, or damage caused by a weather event such as lightning, wind, or hail. In addition, you’re typically covered for living expenses if you need to find alternate lodging while your home is rebuilt. Most standard policies also cover heating and cooling systems, along with kitchen appliances, furniture, clothing and other possessions, as well as medical expenses and legal fees if people other than you, your family, or anyone else not living in your home are injured on your property.

Water damage from something like a burst pipe or failed washing machine hose is generally covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy, with the caveat that damage caused by a lack of maintenance is typically not covered. Flood insurance is not included in a standard policy, nor is a backup from a clogged drain or a failed sump pump. These coverages may be available at extra cost.”

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Now that we’ve entered spring and heading into summer, heavy rain and storms are becoming more frequent. It’s a good idea to check your homeowners insurance policy to see what, if any, water damage is covered. Some companies are very particular and specific and what you think may be covered could be a shock when disaster strikes.

At Bauer Restoration, we not only clean up water and debris from flooding or burst pipes, but also damage that isn’t visible. If your home has been hit with water damage call us at 507-333-9838 to learn more about how we can help!