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Lawsuit filed for woman who says mold has caused chronic illness

“A Dallas woman who says mold in her high-end Cedars apartment has made her so chronically ill that she needs regular treatment in a hyperbaric chamber is suing the complex to recoup medical bills and lost wages.

“I was forced out of my home,” Laura Levine, 35, said. “I don’t have any belongings. I haven’t been able to get my clothes or anything.”

Levine is suing South Side on Lamar, just across from Dallas police headquarters, claiming that staff should have properly cleaned the apartment before she moved in and should have removed the mold once she reported it.

The apartment complex’s lawyers told Levine in an email that it was her responsibility to report any leaking water or mold before it becomes a problem. They also noted a clause in her lease stating that the complex is not liable for personal property loss or damage.”

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According to the lawsuit, the woman had hired an air quality inspector who had found mold in the AC unit. Later on, it was also discovered that mold was found under the bathroom sink. She was told by the inspection company that cleaning it would release mold spores into the air and worsen the problem. This is why it’s extremely important to have a licensed mold remediation company to perform the right decontamination procedures.

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