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Minnesota state officials conflicted about using funds for riot damages

“Minnesota leaders are debating the state’s financial responsibility for helping Minneapolis and St. Paul pay for property damage and other costs related to last summer’s civil unrest.

Gov. Tim Walz rolled out a budget this week that would borrow $150 million to rebuild damaged businesses and private property in the Twin Cities, and proposed a new fund to aid local governments with law enforcement costs during unrest and other emergencies.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency rejected Walz’s request in July for disaster assistance to help with $15.6 million of fire damage to public buildings and equipment in the Twin Cities. The Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct station, a community clinic, Hennepin County Library and streetlights were among the public properties burned or otherwise damaged. In November, Walz announced he would use the state disaster account to reimburse local governments for the bulk of that cost, about $12 million.”

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Arson is perhaps one of the most frustrating types of fire damage there is. In other situations, accidental damage caused by faulty wiring or cooking equipment offers at least an explanation. However, it takes a certain level of malice to intentionally destroyed another’s home or business. Even if it is covered by insurance, it could take weeks or months to recover from the loss.

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