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Why you should hire an air duct cleaning company instead of DIY

“While you certainly can attempt to do a basic cleaning of your air ducts yourself, we highly recommend consulting a professional for a more thorough job. Your home’s HVAC system has a variety of sensitive components that should only be accessed and maintained by a professional service provider who knows what they’re doing. Fan motors, fan housings, heat exchangers and cooling coils may be covered in dust, requiring professional insight and experience to clean safely.

Apart from dust, pests and microbial pathogens could also be living in your air ducts. The use of chemical agents, such as pesticides and biocides, will require the expertise of a professional. Your HVAC system may have been contaminated or damaged by pests, resulting in unexpected hazards. Play it smart and leave the air duct cleaning to a qualified provider.”

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If you’re sensitive to dust and other allergens, postponing air duct cleaning is one task that shouldn’t be avoided. You’d be surprised at how quickly debris, dust, and bacteria accumulate within an HVAC system. In many situations, it’s a good idea to have your air ducts regularly cleaned. In order to ensure you’re efficiently cleaning them hire a professional company instead of trying to tackle the job yourself.

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