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Things you can do to minimize the risk of mold in your home

“Prevention is the most reliable method for treating hazards such as mold. Mold often develops in out-of-sight locations, which means that it can spread unnoticed. These kinds of contaminations become harder to contain, especially where the premise has been inactive for a period of time.

Preventing and detecting mold is a crucial task for facility managers. The following four steps should be part of an assessment before reopening a building to the workforce:

1. Be watchful of humidity.

Mold is most likely to develop within a property if the humidity levels are irregular and exceed 50%. Facility managers will need to assess and evaluate indoor humidity with proper equipment to accurately gauge the likelihood of a mold infestation. A digital hygrometer can offer accurate readings of humidity, which will indicate risk of mold.”

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Another cause of mold growth is due to plumbing issues such as water leaks. Moisture in enclosed areas can form mold around leaky pipes which can then spread further. If you’re aware of any leaks no matter how small, contact a plumbing company right away to have the issue fixed. Even if water damage is minimal the threat of mold may cause severe health problems later in life.

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