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Water damage causes thousands in damage to Indiana businesses

“Several downtown Bloomington businesses are dealing with flood damage in the aftermath of Friday’s extreme weather across central and southern Indiana.

The American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter at Southside Christian Church, 500 E. Empire Mill Road for storm victims.

The downtown damage is mainly confined to the East Kirkwood Avenue area, as businesses including Tracks and Ritz Hair Studio experienced major damages due to flooding.

Tracks general manager Jay Wilkin says that flooding in the early hours of Saturday morning damaged thousands of dollars of merchandise and equipment. While optimistic that Tracks will reopen in days rather than weeks, Wilkin cautions that repairs will take hundreds of hours.”

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Reports stated that the Indianapolis area had recently received around 5″ of rainwater. The flooding not only destroyed merchandise at businesses and left standing water throughout the city, but it also produced some unbelievable moments. One such moment involved a car being swept away by the flooding water sending it smashing into a median.

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