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Northern Minnesota at risk for wildfires due to drought

“Nearly half of Minnesota is now affected by the drought that has parched much of the Midwest over the past couple of months.

Above-average temperatures and below-average rainfall have left 48 percent the state in moderate to severe drought conditions, increasing the risk of wildfires, crop damage and water shortages, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

And there’s little relief in sight. NOAA anticipates the hot and dry conditions will persist across the Midwest for at least another week. The above-normal temperatures are expected to continue through August, but we could see a return to normal precipitation levels.

The first two weeks of June were the warmest on record in the Twin Cities, with 10 days of high temperatures in the 90s.

This map produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration illustrates the spread of drought conditions across the Midwest., including 46 percent of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Friday will implement new burning restrictions in eight north-central counties.”

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Wildfires not only present a danger to the environment, if left unchecked those fires can easily spread to homes. Isolated fire incidents are challenging enough to contain, however, battling fires on multiple fronts is almost impossible. Perhaps the most frightening thing regarding wildfires is that you can see it coming but might be powerless to do anything to protect your home.

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