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Residents of apartment building forced to evacuate due to mold

“A mold problem at the Chesterfield apartments in Maumee has forced several residents to leave their homes.

It wasn’t something the residents had signed up for and they’re now stuck looking for another place to live.

“We got a call last week from one of the residents that lived here. Was very concerned with the floors in his apartment being very spongy,” said Andy Glenn, Zoning Administrator for the City of Maumee.

He says a building inspector was at the building Thursday and returned with photos of the damage.

Glenn says pictures they have show evidence of mold, and so the building was deemed structurally unsafe.”

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Generally, when a mold problem is discovered the main concern is about the personal health of those exposed to it. In this case, the mold was so bad that it has severely affected the structural support of the building. Credit the resident who reported the issue to city zoning. After the awful building collapse in Sunrise, FL, naturally people are being much more cautious regarding their living environment.

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