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Useful carpet care tips for National Carpet Cleaning Month

“With summer in full swing, many facilities are seeing a sharp uptick in foot traffic coupled with heightened expectations around cleanliness. In celebration of July as National Carpet Cleaning Month, Whittaker, a company devoted to low-moisture carpet care, highlighted best practices for in-house custodial teams and building service contractors to consider for their carpet care programs.

Address spills as they happen
Carpet is often the first thing guests and customers see when they enter a facility, which can impact their perception of facility cleanliness. Remind employees to be vigilant about spills and stains throughout their shifts.

Regularly vacuum high-traffic areas
Maintaining a routine vacuum schedule supports good indoor air quality by eliminating the buildup of dust and dirt in carpet and matting. This is especially important in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as lobbies, elevator halls, common areas or lounges.”

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For the best carpet cleaning to remove stains and spills, the hot water extraction method is necessary. This is a practice followed by certified carpet cleaning companies that have proven effective for the removal of such stains. It’s also great for removing more of the unseen types of debris like dust, dirt, and allergens.

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