You are currently viewing Reports of Greenwood Fire’s toll on buildings and structures starting to emerge

Reports of Greenwood Fire’s toll on buildings and structures starting to emerge

“Officials are finally getting an opportunity to assess some of the damage to human structures caused by the Greenwood Fire.

Members of the U.S. Forest Service and Lake County Sheriff’s Office were able to take a look at the McDougal Lake area Tuesday, the sheriff’s office said. They found 12 primary structures and 57 outbuildings destroyed, described as a “total loss.” Three other primary structures had “minor” damage.

The Greenwood Fire, first detected 11 days ago and believed to be caused by lightning, is now 25,991 acres, according to Minnesota Incident Command System’s (MNICS) Thursday update. That’s an increase from 21,720 acres the day prior, but not the type of dramatic jump seen on some previous days.”

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Fire damage caused by a wildfire is extremely frustrating for several reasons. In most cases, families are able to evacuate but there might be little that can be done to save their home. Unlike an isolated fire which can occur very suddenly without warning. Furthermore, a wildfire isn’t caused by an accident, neglect, or malfunction negating any personal blame. As such, many homeowners probably feel despondent as to why an incident occurred to them.

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