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University of Minnesota recognizes Lung Cancer Awareness month

“Lung Cancer Awareness Month is recognized every year during the month of November. The Masonic Cancer Center and University of Minnesota, including the Medical School and the School of Public Health, have a number of renowned lung cancer researchers and doctors in our ranks, covering everything from lung cancer treatment, screening, and even prevention.

In the state of Minnesota, the Black, AI, and Latino communities are disproportionately burdened with lung cancer. Behind cigarette smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, with the average radon level in Minnesota being more than three times higher than the U.S. radon level. Radon exposure plus cigarette smoking can place Minnesotans at particularly high risk for lung cancer.

“Radon is a significant cancer concern in Minnesota. As part of the 10,000 Families Study we are beginning to collect household radon exposure among study participants,” said Heather Nelson, PhD, MPH, professor with the U of M School of Public Health (SPH) Division of Epidemiology and Community Health and a program co-leader with the Masonic Cancer Center.”

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The best way to avoid exposure to radon is to have your home tested. While minimal levels of this gas aren’t too concerning, high levels can cause severe long-term effects. If a test does indeed show an unsafe amount of Radon there are mitigation techniques to solve the problem.

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