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Minnesota Department of Health to close nursing home for mold issues

“Health officials say a Minneapolis nursing home will close due to “significant structural deficiencies” the state cannot legally repair.

The Minnesota Department of Health said the Twin City Gardens Nursing Home is scheduled to close in 60 days, though the exact date may change based on the residents’ timelines for finding new housing.

A Ramsey County judge granted MDH a receivership over the home in October due to “serious health and safety concerns for residents.”

“With a leaking roof, mold and other extensive repairs needed to the building, the best and safest option at this point is to move residents to new homes,” said MDH Health Regulation Division Director Martha Burton Santibáñez.”

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Unfortunately, state law prohibits the MDH from performing repairs being made since they took over the nursing home in October 2021. The damage appears to be too extensive requiring “major alterations” and the decision was made to just close the facility. Residents will need to be relocated to another nursing home before the official closure in a couple of months.

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