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Scammers are now targeting the air duct cleaning industry

“How many times have you gone into your attic to inspect your air ducts? Not many, right? So, you may not know if someone is telling the truth when they show you pictures of a big problem up there. That’s just one way “air duct scammers” trick you, according to the Better Business Bureau.

“The ducts need to be cleaned. And so, I saw the post, I thought this is an opportune moment,” explained Amber Rentera.

Rentera recently had her floors redone and knew she needed to get things cleaned up before trying to sell her home. She reached out after seeing an ad for air duct cleaning in her neighborhood Facebook group. The tech wanted to get to work fast.

“He said, ‘If you do it tomorrow, I’ll do it all for $199 for a deal,’” she explains.

So, the next day the work began. But about 45 minutes into the job there was trouble.

“He comes back down, claims that there’s mold,” she explains.

The tech showed her pictures of mold pictures and pressured her into paying $760 for deep cleaning.”

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These scammers are truly awful people. They’ve been known to join local neighborhood online social groups and even pose as legitimate companies to fool others. Deception is their main tactic as they will use photos of another air duct with issues and claim it is the homeowner’s. It’s wise to do as much research as possible before starting such a job and avoid paying in cash so that if there is a problem, the transaction is on record.

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