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TikTok’s mold girl goes viral forcing landlord to fix issue

“It all started on December 3rd when Elena posted a TikTok video documenting the extreme mold she and her flatmates found in their shared house.

The clip instantly went viral and at the time of writing this, has had almost ten million views.

“When you and your roommates start getting headaches out of nowhere,” she said before revealing that they ordered a mold test kit from Amazon and swabbed what they believed was a “moldy vent”.

Just as they thought, the vent was covered in mold so they contacted their landlord. However, the landlord denied it, replaced the vent and sprayed Lysol to kill it.

Thankfully, the girls had already arranged a visit from a private mold inspector to prove that it was mold. At this point, they were still all getting fevers and bad migraines from the toxic mold.

After the doctor ordered mold exposure testing, their landlord finally agreed to an inspection but demanded that they pay for it.”

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Long-term exposure to mold can have serious effects on your health. Aside from symptoms commonly associated with being sick, such exposure can be devastating to particular groups. These include babies and people with compromised immune systems. If landlords refuse to fix the problem they can and should be held liable.

If you suspect your home or office has a mold issue contact Bauer Restoration at 507-333-9838. Our mold removal specialists will detail a plan to get rid of it and make sure it never comes back.