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The importance of air duct maintenance

“Bruce Michaels, the owner of Enviro-Air Duct cleaning, cleans air ducts all year. However, the spring and fall seasons keep them the busiest. Warning signs of bad ducts include odd smells, large amounts of dust after cleaning, high utility bills, and always having to crank up the thermostat.

Michaels explains the importance of air duct maintenance.

“It’ll cut their bills down pretty much every time, because it flows better, we’ll clean the unit so it cools faster in the summer, it doesn’t take as long to bring your house to temperature,” said Michaels. “So your bills go down and it helps extend the life of your furnace equipment.”

Michaels said to never clean your air ducts yourself because you could damage them or yourself and set you back thousands of dollars. Michaels said dust can ruin your unit.”

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In some rare cases, build-up in air ducts may be so bad that the only remedy is a complete replacement. Normally, air ducts only need cleaning every few years. However, if you’re sensitive to allergens and dust then it is a good idea to have them cleaned every other year.

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