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Preventing water damage to your basement from seasonal change

“Heavy rains in spring, as well as the last melting snowfalls of winter, present a couple of distinct downsides: the potential for exterior and interior water damage to a home.

Water that seeps or gushes in may cause foundation cracks and walls to cave in, and while this may happen year-round, homes are more susceptible to this damage in spring when the amount of water may be excessive.

Installing wide gutters and downspouts or having them pitch away from a home can help prevent damage and the need for expensive repair, including mold remediation.

While having infrastructure work performed is hardly as appealing as renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or deck, ensuring a home has a stable foundation sets the stage for future renovations. It also ensures homeowners can live within their space without concern for the consequences of water intrusion, like damage to a home’s mechanical systems and contents in the basement or crawl space.”

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If you haven’t done so in a long time, it’s a good idea to have a specialist inspect your home for any cracks that might cause water seepage. In the unfortunate event of discovering such an issue you should absolutely purchase and install a sump pump. At the very least water damage will be kept to a minimum until repairs can be made.

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