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Radon suspected cause of over 100 tumors in former high school students

“Radiation tests are being carried out at a New Jersey high school where over 100 former students and staff are reported to have developed brain tumors and cancer—and the results are expected next month.

Environmental engineers have been working at Colonia High School in Woodbridge Township for weeks after local officials became aware of a reported pattern of tumor diagnoses linked to the school.

Concerns about problems at the school were first raised by Al Lupiano, an environmental scientist who graduated from the school in 1989 while his wife Michele and sister Angela DeCillis attended in the 1990s. All three eventually developed primary brain tumors, and DeCillis died in February this year at the age of 44.

Lupiano decided to find out whether any other former students or staff suffered from brain tumors, and after reaching out publicly on Facebook, he received a startling amount of reports.

“I went on Facebook on March 7, and I asked for the people on Facebook to help me find others. And today we now stand at 117 individuals with primary brain tumors, and another 70 with very rare cancers,” he told NewsNation. Newsweek has not independently verified these reports.”

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The number of individuals reported with brain tumors who attended that high school is certainly alarming. Hopefully, results come back disproving the speculation that Radon exposure is to blame. Typically, it is lung cancer that is most often associated with long-term Radon exposure. In regards to brain damage, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the most prevalent effects.

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