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What is the most dangerous type of mold?

“The most dangerous type of mold found indoors is Stachybotrys chartarum, often called “black mold.” Black mold is toxic to humans and pets. Luckily, it is less common than the other three mold types in the U.S. It is difficult to identify however, because other mold types can grow black in color as well. Because it is hard to tell the difference between black mold and other types, the Center for Disease Control recommends removing all mold immediately.

Stachybotrys chartarum is greenish-black in color and can emit a musty or rotten smell. It is most often found growing near water damage inside a home, including on damp building materials. A good example of where you might find this type of toxic mold is a home that has been empty for months with water damage and no air circulation, or a basement with a leaky pipe that hasn’t been fixed or looked at in months.”

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Exposure to black mold can cause headaches, memory loss, nosebleeds, and other body aches. While it is unlikely to kill a normal and healthy person, those who are eldery or very young are more susceptible to the dangers. Immediate removal is a must and should be done by a certified technician.

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